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Facebook is the world’s largest and most popular social networking platform, with over 2 billion users. On average, one-sixteenth of our waking hours are spent on Facebook including over 20 million users in Malaysia alone utilising Facebook to connect and keep up with their friends and family.

Facebook ads have the power to help businesses increase conversions, raise brand awareness, boost engagement, and generate more leads in sales, all to achieve their business objectives.

Your Facebook ads can also run on various other platforms, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Audience Network, which come at a meagre cost, thanks to its ability to accurately target audiences for your advertising goals.

Which is why local businesses especially should leverage this opportunity to promote their brands and build relationships with such a considerable population. So don’t miss out, fully optimise your advertising budget with the best Facebook ads marketing agency in Malaysia.

What Is Facebook Ads?

What you see on your Facebook news feed and the right column for the desktop version are your Facebook ads. With billion daily active users on the platform, it has easily become the primary location for your business or brand to get attention and traction from potential customers/clients.

Naturally, leveraging this massive audience will set you ahead of your competitors as it has become a standard business practice over the years to apply Facebook Marketing to business strategies.

And why wouldn’t they when Facebook ads service offers various cool features that target ads precisely based on your audience location and desired demographic? When Facebook ads services are executed correctly and accordingly, it can return a powerful and profitable success rate and high ROI.


It’s pretty simple. Today, we have 1.93 billion daily active users on the platform and 28.3 billion in total ad revenue every single year. And you will find yourself spending roughly RM4.50 on cost per click (CPC) and RM52 for cost per mille (CPM).

Knowing Facebook boasts an impressive amount of active users daily, why not leverage this platform? Make it your primary location today to shout out your business and place your brand’s products or services at the forefront of many potential customers.

The ‘likes’ you receive on Facebook merely scratch the surface when optimising your social media for business. You need to dig deeper. Partnering with GoFuturistic, we personalise and narrow your audience to perfection with all the advanced Facebook Ads Management platform. So expect high-converting engagement, clicks, leads and deals with Malaysia’s best Facebooks ads agency.

Simplifying Facebook Ads Marketing For You


Measurable Results

The amount of reach, impressions, clicks and conversions you achieved through your Facebook Ad Campaigns can be measured and analysed clearly.

Affordable Marketing Investment

Facebook advertising is substantially less expensive than traditional forms of advertising. Conversions are automatically maximised using Campaign Budget Optimisation, whereas conversions are made at the lowest possible cost with the Automatic Placement function.

Track Significant Actions

You can show dynamic ads to people who have visited your website or mobile app earlier on by adding a Facebook pixel to your website and Facebook SDK to your mobile app.

Direct Audience Targeting

Advertisers can conduct comprehensive and precise targeting of preferred clients with Facebook ads. The following are the three categories of audiences you can target:

Core audiences: Extracted from Facebook data are audiences of a given geography, demography, interest, industry, job title, and so on.

Custom audiences: Audiences have demonstrated interest in your products/services through your partner, Customer Relationship Manager, or pixel data.

Lookalike audiences: Audiences who express similar interests as your best customers


Determining your desired audience can be a tricky process in a marketing strategy. When Meta introduced the Facebook Ads Management platform, it brought a breath of relief to digital marketers. It is an incredibly robust tool that allows marketers to target their desired audience by gender, age, location, buying habits, interests, language and other factors.

Considering these factors, your Facebook ads require these ingredients to drive your ads most effectively, as your campaigns may cross paths and convert potential customers. Once you have set and built a customer profile of the type of audience you are trying to reach, the choice is then yours to allow your Facebook ads to appear on the sidebar or in the newsfeed of your desired users. Next, you will have to set a budget and bid on each click or every thousand clicks. And just like that, you’re all set and ready to go!

At first, this entire process can be pretty daunting and overwhelming. However, when done correctly, it can be easy, convenient, and, most importantly, produces the desired results.

Attain profitable and successful results with Facebook advertising agencies like GoFuturistic. Rest assured, you’d be in good hands with the best in the industry in Kuala Lumpur.

5 Pro-Tips For Effective Facebook Ads in 2022


Graphics, texts and captions must be inserted in video ads to get your point across to your audience, even when viewed muted


Vertical frame for all Visual Story


Create mobile-friendly ads


Combination of short videos, long videos and other interactive formats


Prioritise attention to the first few seconds of the creative content


Generation Experts

Through experience and training, we have extensive knowledge of integrated Facebook campaigns.


Our digital marketing experts are well versed after trained by Facebook.

Latest Optimisation Skills

Keeping up with digital marketing trends and always honing our skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When a brand owner wishes to communicate their services and products to users on Facebook, they will create a Facebook page or targeted Facebook ads that we see one too many times today on our news feed.

In short, yes. Facebook ads work, especially when optimised and managed by Facebook-trained and lead generation experts. It is an excellent and cost-effective marketing channel to reach potential customers and broadcast your unique products or services to desired buyers.

Setting up your Facebook ads targets a number of factors, including demographics, buying and search habits, users’ interests, and geographic location. Whether it’s a recent video you watched or came across on your feed, your algorithm is influenced and will vary.

Currently, the average Facebook ads cost is $0.97 to $2 per click. It would help if you also considered the industry the Facebook ads are targeting, as it can vary.

Yes, you can. However, we recommend contacting The Futuristic Group, so your Facebook Ads campaign is done seamlessly. We ensure all campaigns are set with the right audience and strategies are executed properly.

All your Facebook ads marketing campaigns can be managed on Facebook Business Manager, allowing for various customisations on your ads such as desired audience, buying habits and demographic, etc.

You can learn how to use Facebook Business Manager by visiting, but we recommend that you get in touch with The Futuristic Group as your preferred Facebook ads agency to get the most out of Facebook ads management.

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Ben Toh Chen Shyong
Ben Toh Chen Shyong
Engaging with The Futuristic Group for Google Ads and Facebook ads marketing services has been the best choice for my company. We have achieved many milestones with the team who has been truly helpful and savvy at digital marketing. A special thanks to Yiling and Allan for the prompt guidance. I look forward to working together again. Keep up the excellent work!
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Nabil Husni
Nabil Husni
Working with Shamino and his digital marketing team has truly been rewarding. We appreciate their wise guidance and level of collaboration for our Google ads or ppc campaigns over the past year. Not forgetting our rebranding that took place which required professional website design and Google SEO services, all of which The Futuristic Group offers. Their commitment to grow together has been crucial for a start up such as ours as finding our way in the labyrinth of online commerce is no easy feat. We owe it to The Futuristic Group and we look forward to continue working together, achieving greater heights ⭐️✨
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Yitian Toh
Yitian Toh
Consider this a PSA: The Futuristic Group is the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia! I've been let down before, so searching for a professional website design and development with Google SEO services in mind has been trying.. The team at Futuristic Group is very knowledgeable, providing comprehensive proposals and solutions. Naj & Puay have been very reliable with their valuable insights on our marketing campaigns. Very glad to be engaged with them, an all-rounded digital marketing company with vast experience. I also had trouble gaining new leads via GDN ads and Google and Facebook ads. So with their recommendations and effective strategies, safe to say, my company has been on the right track since! Thank you so much; truly the best digital marketeer in Kuala Lumpur! We look forward to witnessing more splendid results.
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Dawson Chong Soon Fook
Dawson Chong Soon Fook
My company has been struggling in growing and attracting leads as its a niche industry. So after further discussions, we've decided to look into PPC services and Google Ads, and safe to say, The Futuristic Group is truly the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia! They have provided us with detailed strategies for advertising on Facebook, leveraging proper social media tactics to get ahead of my competitors. It has been over half a year since our partnership, and I'm so happy with the services provided. My leads and deals have increased by 45%, more than our Q1-Q2 2021 target. Thank you very much, The Futuristic Group!
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Azreen Syafinaz
Azreen Syafinaz
The Futuristic Group is truly the best SEO company in Malaysia! My company has been using their SEO service for more than two quarters and has already shown such significant organic results! Our account manager Yiling has been very helpful in assisting and following up with us. Clear two-way communication also with the SEO specialist too. Anything we do not comprehend will be thoroughly explained to us. We couldn't recommend The Futuristic Group enough for all your digital marketing needs. Looking forward to starting their PPC services with them too! 🤩🤩
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Naim Isa
Naim Isa
I was first introduced to SEO by Futuristic Group. So naturally, I had a lot of concerns as it was completely new territory for me. But the team at TFG were really helpful, and made sure I fully comprehend how it works — this really helped to manage expectations. Thanks again!
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Syafiq Wazien
Syafiq Wazien
Call me old fashion, but I was skeptical at first on the importance and as to whether my company really needs digital marketing. As my industry is quite competitive, I was uncertain the best strategy needed. But safe to say, six months later, I’m happy and satisfied with digital marketing services offered by The Futuristic Group. They not only gave me the assurance I need but also took the time to explain thoroughly every step of the way for the SEO services I’ve decided to invest in. I’m glad to say that Q2 performance are showing promising results. I’m looking forward to Q3 already! I would highly recommend The Futuristic Group, truly the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia.
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Athirah Rahman
Athirah Rahman
The team has been  very helpful and patient to make the SEO working.Their work is consistent and good value for money. Our website have received numerous enquiries and definately making our bussines in a better place than ever.
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diyana mohd jonis
diyana mohd jonis
Insightful, detailed & responsive.. Looking forward to improved brand presence online.. Kudos to the team..
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