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Social media has taken us by storm. Today, the advantages of social media presented to us have significantly tipped the scale in our favour allowing brand owners with a multitude of opportunities to target the right and exact customers, skyrocket engagements and explode sales more than ever before. However, with such greatness comes great responsibility, which includes managing fierce competition and working harder to stay ahead while remaining unique in a crowd of competitors. GoFuturistic aims to provide only the best social media marketing services in Malaysia. Our expert team of experienced social media marketers, professional designers, content writers, and data-savvy performance marketers are here to provide you with robust social media management services and strategies to help you achieve your social media goals.

Digital Creative Social Media Solutions

In the digital era, a great production team is a valuable asset in order to produce great content creation. GoFuturistic is here to help you share your full spectrum with the world, whatever your brand or business needs.



Understanding our client’s core creative ideas allows us to develop solid storylines that are unique, compelling and genuinely befitting across various social media channels. We design and produce creative content that drives results for your business before seamlessly executing it.

Media Amplification

Leveraging paid social media tools is today’s genius media amplification method that ensures the effort of your content creation does not fall short — of achieving desirable results.


Keeping our clients informed via comprehensive reporting is our integral daily practice. We stay accountable by providing solid measurement plans and timelines to track your brand’s achievements.


Available for all, social media channels act as a medium to broadcast your brand, products and services and best of all, it’s available for everyone to use. Your social media channels can also provide your business with a chance to allow your faithful consumers and potential buyers to keep up with your brand and its mission. In return, your social media channels can provide insight into your target audience and the likes and dislikes of your customers and be informed of their primary interests. By understanding your engagement, you can create a better social media marketing strategy to attract more valuable customers further.


Managing your social media platforms can be quite tricky. Today, you have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tiktok. As easy as it is to create a social media account, managing it all whilst ensuring you can responsibly drive sales through the pipeline, build long-lasting brand awareness and increase website traffic may not be easy. Juggling and managing the masses requires exuberant brand and social media marketing strategies that would be able to deliver accurate messages on these platforms.


As the best social media marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur, we will swiftly take your brand to where it needs to be and dominate using vibrant content. Our professional in-house expertise can craft unique and compelling social media marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that build brand awareness, increase acquisition and drive sales leads.



Did you know your potential customers are searching on Facebook for businesses like yours? The only way to engage with them is through a well-planned Facebook marketing campaign. When leveraged correctly, a Facebook profile is a great free corporate marketing tool as you can work on your product/service and parade the human aspect of your company. It may also help increase the exposure of their Facebook content and the traffic to their main website.

Elevate Your Brand With Video Marketing

If you’ve made the decision to start a YouTube channel, that’s awesome! Next, you will need a YouTube Marketing plan. This is where a social media management service can assist you in identifying goals, selecting video topics, and effectively promoting your brand on your new channel.   YouTube, unlike other social media platforms, only offers video material. You’ll need to set aside time on a regular basis to plan, film, edit, promote, and analyse your content. You’ll also need to identify your brand’s goals and make a plan for how video might help you accomplish them. Contact us now, let our professional digital marketing team assist you in developing a strategy.

Harnessing the Power of Visual Communication

Instagram marketing is a valuable tool for disseminating marketing materials through its use of visual storytelling and the spread of meaningful messages. Today, over 11 million Malaysians post photos, videos and GIFs on Instagram every day, making it a reputable platform for any brand wanting to stay relevant. GoFuturistic has become a leading social media marketing services agency in Malaysia, providing comprehensible methods for you to navigate through Instagram’s complex marketing and advertising features with the utmost ease. With its stunning filters, traject your visuals and videos to convey unique brand messages to the right audience.

Forefront of Online Expressions

With a slew of cool features designed to increase brand engagement, now is the perfect time to dive into this new marketing platform and see what it can do for your business. It’s a great opportunity to be an early adopter of a potentially market-changing tool. Among the few reasons why you should use TikTok marketing for your business includes hiring TikTok influencers with a sizeable following to post about your products or services — coming across more like a recommendation from a friend than as an advertisement as it instils trust in the viewer and makes them more likely to buy. TikTok is all about sound and video so the diverse content is the new and hottest medium for online expression.

Create Genuine Connections

Twitter offers huge and various opportunities for brands in search of new ways to reach prospective customers. Still a unique marketing channel as not many businesses have registered the idea of it, Twitter maintains the authenticity that’s lacking on other social media sites, ensuring your brand conversations are worthwhile, engaging, personalised and authentic.

Cultivate Immaculate Corporate Identity

Leverage on the most significant professional networking site out there, LinkedIn is a globalised platform where working professionals and industry leaders can interact with one another, by establishing your online presence and communicating your brand’s vision and ethos to a massive liked-minded audience.

GoFuturistic’s social media marketing services can help elevate your brand on this digital ecosystem by communicating to LinkedIns 500 million active members; the ideal corporate landscape to convey your brand message directly to any niche of your choosing.

As a B2B digital marketing agency ourselves that also offers Google SEO services, Google ads, professional web design services, we understand why brands need to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

Our expert-knowledge in LinkedIn’s B2B marketplace can pave new paths for business partnerships and sturdy client connections, delivering useful and meaningful content that creates an ideal corporate landscape for relationships to flourish, making us the leading social media marketing agency in Malaysia.










Social media marketing (SMM) is an essential technique for producing targeted curated content or ads across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn and more to generate sales, build social network and brand awareness.

Digital marketers use this avant-garde social media marketing technique to broadcast and showcase their latest content, products and services to a specific audience through many social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, to name a few.

In this day and age, it’s safe to say that almost everybody is connected to the internet or signed up to several social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and more. To stay ahead of your competitors and remain relevant, the best way to engage your audience and increase social ROI is if you leverage the benefits of social media marketing today!

In short, you can start by checking off these steps listed below:

  1. Determine Your Goals – Ask yourself these questions: What do you hope to achieve by participating in the social Web? Why are you partaking in it? Do you want to generate more direct sales? Is this a means of customer service? Do you want to broaden your social network and boost loyalty? By addressing these concerns, you can strategise the best content to publish and the activities you would like to carry out on the social Web.
  2. Identify and Know Your Audience – Do you know where your target audience mostly spends their time online? For example, is it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.? You can look into your past content and identify what kind of past postings was most engaging and have brought about conversations among your audience. Bu knowing what your audience likes and dislikes as well as their wants and needs, you can provide meaningful, targeted content moving forward.
  3. Produce Amazing Content – Once you have identified your audience and potential customers, you can create useful and interesting content that is personable to create interactions. Take the time to curate the kind of content your audience would desire. Never give up and always stay inspired to continuously offer amazing content for your audience; you need to slowly build a loyal following, a safe circle that meets everyone’s needs and expectations.
  4. Quality Always Better Than Quantity – Getting caught on a high of the enormous amount of followers and likes can often get the best of us. However, never be a slave to your followers and subscribers. Always remember that it’s better to have 100 engaging, loyal audiences than 1,000 followers who sign up for the sake of it and never acknowledge you again.
  5. Life’s a lesson, so never stop learning – Treat your life, and your business as a classroom. You must always stay abreast of the latest tricks and tips of the industry, listen and keep learning. To witness the true success of your social media marketing, you need to adapt and be flexible to change and failures.

Simple answer? No, it’s quite affordable, which is why social media ads are one of the best forms of achieving an excellent ROI. Depending on various factors, the price can be accommodated based on your budget or the results you hope to accomplish in allocated timeframes.


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Ben Toh Chen Shyong
Ben Toh Chen Shyong
Engaging with The Futuristic Group for Google Ads and Facebook ads marketing services has been the best choice for my company. We have achieved many milestones with the team who has been truly helpful and savvy at digital marketing. A special thanks to Yiling and Allan for the prompt guidance. I look forward to working together again. Keep up the excellent work!
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Nabil Husni
Nabil Husni
Working with Shamino and his digital marketing team has truly been rewarding. We appreciate their wise guidance and level of collaboration for our Google ads or ppc campaigns over the past year. Not forgetting our rebranding that took place which required professional website design and Google SEO services, all of which The Futuristic Group offers. Their commitment to grow together has been crucial for a start up such as ours as finding our way in the labyrinth of online commerce is no easy feat. We owe it to The Futuristic Group and we look forward to continue working together, achieving greater heights ⭐️✨
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Yitian Toh
Yitian Toh
Consider this a PSA: The Futuristic Group is the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia! I've been let down before, so searching for a professional website design and development with Google SEO services in mind has been trying.. The team at Futuristic Group is very knowledgeable, providing comprehensive proposals and solutions. Naj & Puay have been very reliable with their valuable insights on our marketing campaigns. Very glad to be engaged with them, an all-rounded digital marketing company with vast experience. I also had trouble gaining new leads via GDN ads and Google and Facebook ads. So with their recommendations and effective strategies, safe to say, my company has been on the right track since! Thank you so much; truly the best digital marketeer in Kuala Lumpur! We look forward to witnessing more splendid results.
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Dawson Chong Soon Fook
Dawson Chong Soon Fook
My company has been struggling in growing and attracting leads as its a niche industry. So after further discussions, we've decided to look into PPC services and Google Ads, and safe to say, The Futuristic Group is truly the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia! They have provided us with detailed strategies for advertising on Facebook, leveraging proper social media tactics to get ahead of my competitors. It has been over half a year since our partnership, and I'm so happy with the services provided. My leads and deals have increased by 45%, more than our Q1-Q2 2021 target. Thank you very much, The Futuristic Group!
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Azreen Syafinaz
Azreen Syafinaz
The Futuristic Group is truly the best SEO company in Malaysia! My company has been using their SEO service for more than two quarters and has already shown such significant organic results! Our account manager Yiling has been very helpful in assisting and following up with us. Clear two-way communication also with the SEO specialist too. Anything we do not comprehend will be thoroughly explained to us. We couldn't recommend The Futuristic Group enough for all your digital marketing needs. Looking forward to starting their PPC services with them too! 🤩🤩
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Naim Isa
Naim Isa
I was first introduced to SEO by Futuristic Group. So naturally, I had a lot of concerns as it was completely new territory for me. But the team at TFG were really helpful, and made sure I fully comprehend how it works — this really helped to manage expectations. Thanks again!
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Syafiq Wazien
Syafiq Wazien
Call me old fashion, but I was skeptical at first on the importance and as to whether my company really needs digital marketing. As my industry is quite competitive, I was uncertain the best strategy needed. But safe to say, six months later, I’m happy and satisfied with digital marketing services offered by The Futuristic Group. They not only gave me the assurance I need but also took the time to explain thoroughly every step of the way for the SEO services I’ve decided to invest in. I’m glad to say that Q2 performance are showing promising results. I’m looking forward to Q3 already! I would highly recommend The Futuristic Group, truly the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia.
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Athirah Rahman
Athirah Rahman
The team has been  very helpful and patient to make the SEO working.Their work is consistent and good value for money. Our website have received numerous enquiries and definately making our bussines in a better place than ever.
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diyana mohd jonis
diyana mohd jonis
Insightful, detailed & responsive.. Looking forward to improved brand presence online.. Kudos to the team..
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