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5 Tips For The Best Content Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents

Did you know that you can generate over 5 million visitors to your website within a short period with the best content marketing strategy?

In this article, as the best digital marketing company in Malaysia, we assure you that your search for the ins and outs of content marketing ends here. We discuss the concept of content marketing and the easiest strategies to get started on branding your content in the most financially rewarding way!

You can also understand the importance of content marketing for your business in Malaysia, which outlines the essential building blocks for applying the best content to your digital marketing efforts.

Content Marketing and Branding It The Right Way

Instead of plainly stating what you should know about content marketing, we would first instead give you a clear explanatory example from a customer’s perspective. By fully comprehending this example, you can soon leverage the power of content marketing for your brand.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Three years ago, Sara was met with a terrible car accident where she was rear-ended. Her doctor later reported Sara had two herniated discs in her back which makes her feel endless nagging back pains. In the following years, visits to several chiropractors and massage therapists were compulsory for Sara as well as multiple physiotherapy sessions, but alas, none worked! 

Frustrated as her back pain returned, Sara later found herself on YouTube, searching for common ground and solutions that could help alleviate her back pain. One channel finally resonated with Sara and it was by YouTubers Bob & Brad with over 4 million subscribers today!

In Sara’s opinion, Bob and Brad were hilarious and informative and had plenty of videos on this back pain topic.

Best Branding Content Marketing Strategy In Malaysia

Not long after sitting through many videos concerning back pains, Sara learned about a book titled McKenzie Method Treat Your Own Back after being recommended by Bob and Brad, which she then purchased! Sara found the book to be extremely valuable and with the newfound motivation to resolve her back issues, Sara got to work immediately. The book narrated strategies on the issues one faces with their back including its anatomy, the best postures to prevent back pains, etc.

The book also references helpful back pain products including a lumbar support cushion. Over time, Sara’s back healed, and she continued purchasing other books by the same author, Robin McKenzie, including books on knee pains as she hopes to run a marathon one day and would want to prevent any unforeseen knee injuries down the road. Sara even bought and gifted some to her family and friends!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when you realise content marketing works!

What Does Content Marketing Mean?

Marketing your business requires a foolproof content strategy plan. Whether it is a caption for your social media post or a well-designed image for your Instagram feed, it is a form of content when it creates interaction among your target audience. Further instances include blog posts, video longs or vlogs, infographics, etc. Without it feeling forced upon, content is how people view and understand your business organically. As a result, your brand will embellish authority through trustworthiness, leading to more content consumption and lead conversions.

Why Do People Fail At Content Marketing?

It probably boils down to the fact that content marketing takes time to work, like the instance above on Sara purchasing the book by Robin McKenzie, which cost her RM92. For example,  RM25,000 was spent by the author on content production costs. And perhaps in five months, the author received another 30 customers — that is RM2,760 in revenue. Instantly, most people would see this as a loss as the author spent RM25,000 and only got RM2,760.

Sure, the numbers don’t do much justice here, but they chose a shorter timeframe to measure its ROI instead of the content’s long-term impact.

It works like a snowball effect; if 500 people made that same purchase as Sara did over two years, the author would have made RM46,000 from a mere RM25,000 investment.

Your content marketing will fail if you look at it via a short-term route. Similarly to Google SEO, due to various factors, the results will only be substantial for 6 months to a year. And if you are hoping for your website to rank the first page on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) three days after optimisation, then you will be disappointed. Unlike PPC services where you get what you pay for and results are almost instant. Therefore, by understanding how content marketing works, you are able to better manage all expectations.


The Futuristic Group believes and is here to tell you that Content is King and when it is developed with a good strategy, it will be timeless. It is simply immature to look at a month to 6 months of ROI for content marketing.

For that same book that Sara purchased, we don’t see it being any less pertinent in the following decade. And did you know McKenzie Method Treat Your Own Back (1st Edition) was released in 1980? Even though the author has now passed away, his book is still earning him big bucks! What a way to live and leave a life, right?

For decades now, the essence of marketing is truly the content you create. However, what has changed is the Internet where today, it provides equal opportunity for all who wish to create. Like televisions, the shows you watch are content; and when mid-show, ads that run are the companies trying to monetise attention on that content.

Advertisers choose networks and major events to broadcast their products, services, brand, etc to their desired audience. For example, companies like Ralph Lauren sponsor major sporting tournaments and events such as Wimbledon for the official outfitter. Driving massive attention is the sporting event, and they advertise in between to capitalise on that.

The Futuristic Group understands the power of content marketing and how it can motivate people to purchase your products or services. 

We help businesses create successful content that drives considerable attention. Our skilled designers relate specifically to your product or services offered, resulting in an even greater ROI than other traditional advertising that you can do. 

Delay no fur; remainmain on top and outrank your competitors with an unbeatable content marketing viewpoint today! 

Why Content Marketing Is The Best Way To Grow Your Business in Malaysia?

The statistics have already proven the theory. Research by Demand Metric stated that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods today. The formula for content marketing? Your long-term commitment and the right content marketing strategy.

As mentioned earlier, when you understand how content marketing works and its long-term commitment, you can simultaneously witness actual results and manage expectations.

As for the latter, content marketing strategy is when you have researched, discussed and laid out your marketing plans. In other words, your content strategy is the ‘engine’ your vehicle (content marketing) needs to transport you to your destination (goals) and vice-versa.

It might be challenging to capture readers’ attention with effective website content. Most website visitors only stay on a page for a few seconds before deciding what to do next. As a result, having a solid content strategy is one of the keys to conquering these challenges! Well-written and optimised content can help you reach the top of search results and capture prospective customers’ attention.

Get Started With Content Marketing: 5 Easy Strategies

1. Know Your Target Customers

It may seem simple, but many writers must consider a few questions before writing: Who is the target audience? What about a secondary audience that can influence and inform my primary audience? How will they find my website online?

Consider the following scenario: you are starting a new air-conditioning business. If this is the case, your target audience may be current consumers. Your secondary audience, on the other hand, is substantially larger. As a result, you must ensure that your content is accessible and attractive to those audiences. For instance, what kind of questions might these groups ask about a particular topic? Where are they most active online? What type of information do they need? These are all things to ponder.

When your target audience finds your online content via various channels (for example, social media shares, links to other websites, email shares or search engines), this last method is essential when you’re writing for the web. Even if the content is well-written and valuable, if it is not optimised for search engines, it will be found by a few people.

Think again about the search keywords that your target audience will use to find your content on Google, and be sure to include those keywords in the title and subtitle. For example, If you’re promoting aircon services, the terms “aircon services” and “aircon servicing” should be included in your articles or headlines.

2. Write Short Sentences

Readers find it difficult to concentrate on overly lengthy articles. Therefore, website content that is accessible and easy to read naturally appeals to a broader audience.

If your content is too lengthy and lacks emphasis, your readers will lose interest and move on to the following site. To obtain the answers they seek, people will go to your article and read it in its entirety. Therefore, keeping the article as brief as possible and highlighting the keywords will be much simpler to get their attention.

If you are looking for Content marketing in Malaysia or Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. Our team can help you create the right content strategy.

3. Use More Active Voice

The best content marketing should use active instead of passive verbs and specify the subject of the phrase. For example, when you promote air-conditioning services on your website, rather than writing “services can be booked on our website,” say “Book your aircon services on our website.” Active voice helps create concise, easy-to-read phrases. Also, it’s more direct. When you speak directly to your audience, your audience will be more engaged.

But worry no longer; if you have no experience in this area, hiring a professional team to assist you is best. The Futuristic Group has the expertise to write in content marketing and has various other digital marketing services, including Google SEO services, PPC ads, Youtube Ads, Shopping Ads, Web design and development, and social media marketing.

4. Create Readable Content

Compelling content should include important information at the top and be as straightforward as possible. Most website users skim and read through pages to obtain specific information. However, if they are not easy to find, they will move on and browse other sites. Consider bulleted or numbered lists and breaking up the material into tabs with descriptive labels.

Another critical factor is spacing surrounding words, photos, and other components on a website page. However, although it may seem to be a waste of space, it is the most incredible partner of a site designer. In addition, the text’s comfortable white area makes the content more straightforward and enjoyable to read.

5. Make the viewer’s experience more valuable.

Your audience will perceive you by reading your content, depending on how you present yourself. Coming up with a unique point of view to tell your story is the first step, but every piece of content you produce must have some function that applies to both your business and your target audience. Encourage and give some practical advice to the audience you are addressing and be open to obstacles and strategies for overcoming them.


Website content equates to your branding content. If your website has excellent content and is easy for readers to read, it will help build awareness and trust in your brand/company. 

When people trust your branding content, people will associate you with an expert – actively eliminating your competition. Today, your customers do not have to evaluate every single product in the market to make a decision anymore. Contact us today and our content marketing team will help you build long-term trust and interest in your business.