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The Importance of Video Marketing in 2023

Table of Contents

In 2023, welcome to the future of video marketing! Videos have become an effective form of Internet communication in recent years, with more people viewing and sharing films than ever before. As we keep adopting new technology and platforms, video marketing has emerged as a critical tool for organisations seeking to reach and engage their target audience. Many digital marketing companies in Malaysia have also emerged utilising this video marketing skill. 

Video content is developing fascinatingly, from social media to virtual and augmented reality, providing an unparalleled opportunity for companies to convey their stories and interact with customers. In this day and age of video-first marketing, it is more crucial than ever for organisations to grasp the power of video and how to use it to accomplish their marketing objectives.

Thus, look at the newest video marketing trends, tactics, and strategies for 2023 and beyond. 

TikTok: The Latest Tool for Video Marketing?

TikTok has developed as one of the most recent video marketing platforms. TikTok is a social networking platform that allows users to produce and share short movies. It has become a worldwide sensation, with over a billion active users. Businesses and marketers use the platform to attract younger consumers and develop exciting video content. 

TikTok has several advertising opportunities, such as in-feed commercials, brand takeovers, and sponsored hashtag challenges, which may assist businesses in increasing brand exposure, engagement, and conversions. Furthermore, TikTok’s algorithm promotes material that is likely to be popular, allowing businesses to reach a larger audience than on other social media platforms. 

TikTok’s success and evolution suggest that it will become an increasingly vital tool for video marketing in the future. After the Covid-19 outbreak, the popularity of streaming video services has grown. 

According to Statista’s video marketing survey, 86% of marketers used Facebook videos for marketing objectives as of November 2022. YouTube was the most popular social media site among marketers, with 90% using it and 35% using TikTok.

video marketing in 2023

What Exactly Is Video Marketing?

Using video methods in a marketing plan to promote a brand, product, service, or message is what video marketing entails. Video marketing teaches your audience while increasing social and digital media interaction as an efficient content strategy

It is simple to use video for marketing. Your marketing team makes films that promote your company and brand, enhance sales, raise awareness of your organisation’s products and services, or engage current customers and future stakeholders. Video marketing is a data-driven field. Your marketing department must communicate with customers and track numerous indicators.

In general, video marketing 2023 is just one component of a more extensive marketing or advertising campaign. But, due to the internet and social networks, video marketing is increasingly crucial nowadays.

The Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Your Marketing Plan


1. Video boosts conversion rates.

According to HubSpot, integrating video on landing pages may improve conversions by 80%. Instead of just reading the same content, seeing engaging presentations and videos may impact purchasing behaviour and convert a visitor into a lead (or a means to transform into a customer!).

A powerful marketing technique is conveying the right image through video! Furthermore, depending on your desired component, they can act as instructional or in-app testimonials.

2. Engagement Increases:

Written or photo content is less compelling than video material. Most people just prefer to watch a video than read an extended essay or look at a picture.

3. Better SEO:

Videos may help your website rank higher in search engines. Search engines prefer websites with a video content strategy, and videos may enhance the time people spend on your website, boosting your search engine rating.

4. Increases Trust:

The video material helps you to highlight your brand’s individuality and personalise it. This helps to generate trust and a relationship with your audience.

video marketing in 2023

5. Easier To Be Shared:

Video content is simple to distribute on social media, increasing your brand’s reach and visibility.

6. The video encourages social sharing.

Let’s face it: we live in the age of viral videos. In addition, 92% of mobile video users share their videos with others. These social media marketing tips can be helpful for your video marketing strategies. 

This is your opportunity to have fun while demonstrating what your company is about. Video marketing is becoming more prevalent; your only limitation is your imagination. Several methods are available, from making explanatory films to using Facebook Live. Everyone should be in the video, not only other large corporations.

7. Assists in educating customers about your products or services

There is no better approach to educating your audience about a new product or service than to develop a series of explainer movies. 73% of customers prefer viewing a video to learning about a new product above any other material.

Since your clients place such a high value on video content, you must invest in video marketing. Using a reputable online course production platform, you may demonstrate how your products or services can bring value to your customers’ lives.

Consider a product demo presentation that may span multiple pages. But, all that knowledge can be condensed into a few moments of animated explainer film. That is the significance of video marketing that you must recognise. 

8. Supports Mobile Users

Did you know that in 2021, there will be over 2.33 billion mobile phone video watchers worldwide? In addition, people are 1.5 times more likely to view a video on their smartphone than on a PC.

These figures demonstrate the significance of video marketing in impressing mobile phone consumers. As more smartphone users have access to the internet wherever they go, the need for exciting and entertaining video content grows.

To appeal to mobile consumers and maintain a strong brand presence, your marketing team may utilise an excellent YouTube video editing tool to create innovative films about your brand and products.

What Is the Significance of Social Media Video Content?

With social media, the competition for popularity and attention is fierce. Every company attempts to capture its audience’s attention and differentiate its content from the rest of what they see on its social media platforms. Videos offer the advantage of holding viewers’ attention for extended periods.

Every minute a person views, the platform’s algorithm raises the probability of the video being pushed to a broader audience. Keep a close eye on user-generated material, which is very important.

With social media progressively gaining popularity over sites like YouTube, having an effective video marketing plan for social media is becoming increasingly important. It not only helps attract more people to your business, but it also helps retain them for extended periods, which is the ultimate aim of any marketing plan.

video marketing in 2023

Are You Prepared To Explore Video Marketing?

We  hope you understand the significance of video marketing for your organisation by now.

When done correctly, video marketing may help you reach particular goals and provide a high Return. The challenge is to employ the proper type of video for each purpose and to connect with your audience through visual narrative and emotional appeal.

If you are persuaded of the value of video marketing, include it in your marketing approach this year. It’s an excellent method to prepare your company for the future. If you need help with how to get it done, contact us. 

As a leading digital marketing company in Malaysia, we can help you boost your online presence with effective social media marketing.