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You Need To Reconsider These Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

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As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kuala Lumpur, The Futuristic Group is keen on educating and assisting small business owners and large corporations in Malaysia and Singapore on the best marketing strategies to grow and enhance their online presence.

Digital marketing such as SEO services, Google ads including PPC services, and social media marketing are still unknown territories for many. And when it’s strange, people tend to believe almost everything they heard from someone or read about somewhere.

Today, the team at The Futuristic Group would like to break down some common misconceptions business owners have about employing digital marketing strategy. So any concerns you may have will be eradicated once and for all! Here are the top five misconceptions The Futuristic Group commonly hears whilst in the field and why you shouldn’t worry anymore.

Top 5 Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

“You’re All Set When You Have A Website”

Time and time again, many small businesses spend thousands of Ringgit or Singaporean Dollars for a 15-page website, thinking that’s the average industry standard.

Although this may have been the case previously, business owners must be mindful of the ever-changing consumer behaviour and how searchers no longer want to scroll and land through a 15-page website! What consumers want today is precise and concise information to help them quickly get the exact information they are searching for before purchasing your products or conducting business with your services.

professional website designer and developer would be able to keep up with the trends and know exactly how to design your website with digital marketing in mind.

For instance, dominating the search engine results pages (SERPs) has become a valuable asset as many companies begin to grasp the significance of SEO services. And when it comes to competing for Google’s local search rankings, a study conducted by BrightLocal reported that a business’s website only counts for 16 per cent of the equation

That being said, business owners must not rely solely on their websites; instead, go above and beyond with the best digital marketing company in Malaysia.

“Active On Social Media Doesn’t Mean You’re Good To Go”

Business owners must understand that when leveraged correctly, social media can be the best branding tool for your company and occasionally the lead generator. 

Today, the growing power of social media marketing has become an essential tool for every business owner to enhance their online presence. And most importantly, a searcher or potential consumer will check out a business on social media to evaluate their personality and whether it aligns with their beliefs. When done right, a company’s online visibility can help potential consumers gain a personal connection and create organic engagement. 

Google has also noted that social media engagements and interactions, including likes, comments, and shares, can help increase a business’s prominence, a local ranking factor that can influence your local SEO.

Simply put, social media is an added advantage to every business. However, it’s only one of the many components of a solid integrated digital marketing strategy.

“Tech Team Can Manage Your SEO”

We often find ourselves educating clients on the difference between organic SEO and local SEO, which can be confusing to comprehend the influence these two types of SEO hold.

But let’s not disregard the effort and give credit when due to your web fella for helping with your organic SEO! They must have exponentially increased your organic SEO after all, such as to potentially show up on Google Maps and work on optimising your website’s page speed performance.

To delve deeper and apply the proper technique, be it SEO white hat versus black hat, and to show up in categorical searches, it’s best to leave it to the experts to get you there. You need to hire an SEO services company to help put your business in front of searchers who may not know your name but are looking for your product or services.

 So while a website can only achieve so much for its online local presence at the hands of a web developer, having a designated SEO specialist to handle all matters of organic traffic, user experience and more will be more than just an added advantage – you’re in it for a longterm sustainable success!

We have a blog that covers valuable SEO topics for you to understand and learn from; check it out for more information!

“Microsites Will Steal Your Traffic Away From Website”

The Futuritic Group Difference Between Microsite and Website

Above is the difference between microsites and websites. You should ask yourself whether your website follows best practices to help your business be searched and found locally?

When our clients and potential clients raise concerns regarding the benefit of our website design and maintenance services, we are quick to impart that a general business website exists for customers to research, but in most cases, it’s not optimum and SEO-friendly.

When you ensure your website is built around local SEO strategies accordingly, chances of increasing your ranking in searches are much higher; driving more traffic, especially to small business websites!

Let’s not forget optimising your Google business listing, microsite, and website will be as though you’re killing two birds with one stone!

So leverage both SEO services and a professional web design company to stay ahead of your competitors today.

“Rather Support Other Digital Marketing Agencies Instead Of The Futuristic Group…”

We get it. Clicking the first few digital marketing companies in SERPs would probably be your first option. Heck, it would probably be ours too!

What makes us the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia and sets us apart is The Futuristic Group powerfully delivers transformative business growth and success with SEO, PPC and social media marketing, translating your digital goals and objectives into business growth and success.

Think of us as the missing piece to your digital marketing puzzle, which will understand your business and goals, aligning them with your customers and audience’s needs.

It’s a tricky question, but ultimately, we will ask our client — who would you instead place your trust with your company’s online presence?


You can easily be swayed by various misconceptions around digital marketing and its value, but they are worth reconsidering nonetheless!

With inevitable rapid changes experienced in digital marketing and the world wide web, it is easy for small business owners to get lost in the chaos. That said, never underestimate the influence and power a solid integrated digital marketing strategy entails.

Although having a solid social media presence is valuable, there are still many other elements of digital marketing to consider to help put your business on the map.

If you are searching for a team of experts who can personalise and localise a strategy for you, The Futuristic Group will have you covered! 

Click here to learn more about us, or contact us directly to set up a free consultation.