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Top SEO Trends in 2023 That You Should Know

Table of Contents

Businesses should stay up to speed on the newest SEO trends as the digital landscape develops to guarantee their online presence stays visible and competitive. In search engine optimization, 2023 promises to bring new problems and possibilities.

Understanding the newest trends may provide businesses an advantage in reaching their target audience and generating traffic to their website, from the growing relevance of local SEO and schema markup to the advent of voice search and video content.

This article will look at the top SEO trends for 2023 for SEO content marketing in Malaysia and how businesses may remain ahead of the curve and maximise their online presence.

SEO Trends in 2023 

Exact-match keywords are no longer used to rank. The days of desktop-first indexing are long gone. People can no longer avoid using black hat practises like link schemes—search engine optimization (SEO) changes. Hence, you must adapt if you want to rank for relevant phrases and drive quality traffic.

To keep current with your SEO marketing, you must wade through algorithm upgrades, Google press releases, and best practices. Hence, to help you remain ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a list of the top SEO trends to watch in 2023. 


8 Trends To Consider for SEO Strategy 

1. Google AdWords will give way to organic search results.

Recent Google Advertising revenue statistics plainly show a downward trend. Google AdWords income climbed by only 4.25% in October 2022. The prior report indicated a 13.5% rise, and the one before that, a 22% increase. This is just an indicator that businesses are lowering sponsored advertising costs. Also, several marketing firms claim that typical listing fees have decreased.

According to global finance experts, 2023 will most certainly be the year of the great recession, casting doubt on rising ad expenses.

Yet, businesses must continue to acquire clients. Companies are likely to invest more resources in extending their organic placements, which can only suggest that SEO will continue to be a trend.

2. Firsthand knowledge of a subject (the new “E” in EEAT)

Google’s famed EAT acronym (Expertise, Authority, Trust) now includes an E: Experience. Google will now use the author’s or creator’s experience when determining the quality of the material.

So, what exactly does “experience” imply? Google is looking for a content strategy with firsthand, real-world expertise with the issue being covered.

This implies that more websites must examine not just who their content writers are but also what themes they are focused on.

seo trends 2023

3. Visual search will grow more popular.

AI and Google Lens appear to reclaim the spotlight in 2023. Google has improved its picture API training to properly integrate it into its algorithm and ultimately offer multimodal search.

If you have used Google Lens before, you will notice that it has improved significantly.

The problem is that Google needs to clearly “see” the details on the photographs (and maybe videos soon) to correctly grasp what items are in the image and search for similar images on the web. As a result, website graphics must be of excellent quality.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is extremely important in content strategy development since it helps to inform the subjects and themes that should be included in a piece of content.

The keyword research method improves your content marketing for sure. You may determine what your potential clients are looking for and then generate subjects around it.

Including relevant keywords in your texts can assist search engine bots in understanding what your material is about. It may raise your ranking and boost your visibility.

Additionally, avoid black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing. That will affect your SEO, make your material less legible, and cause Google to deprioritize it. The most crucial thing is to keep your materials flowing naturally.

content marketing in Malaysia

5. Long-Tail Keywords

For various reasons, the following SEO trend forecast is that optimising for long-tail keywords will remain an essential aspect of any effective SEO strategy in 2023.

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are lengthier and more detailed. They can draw in more relevant traffic. You may reach out to potential clients more likely to be interested in your products or services if you target them.

They can assist in the discovery of fresh opportunities. Long-tail keyword research helps you discover new themes and perspectives to cover in your content, allowing you to draw new audiences and rank for new keywords. Be sure you are also aware of common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them to avoid getting flagged by Google for your content. 

6. SEO for Local Businesses

With more people searching for companies on mobile devices, local SEO is critical to capturing the interest of your target audience.

It may also assist potential clients in rapidly locating your company’s information by making contact information and address readily available. It is vital to remember that local SEO techniques might differ somewhat based on your geographic region, target audience, and type of business. Hence, conducting research is essential to locate the best plan for you.

Claiming your company profile on Google My Business is one content strategy to increase local SEO. This assists customers in finding your company in and around your region by displaying where and how to reach you. Therefore, featuring in Google Map Pack results is possible without a website by simply creating a Google My Business page.

Overall, local SEO will be critical in 2023 since almost half of all searches will have a local purpose. An excellent local SEO plan puts you in a better position to reach out to your target audience and supply them with the required information and services.

7. Google Shopping is Growing.

Since offline buying is increasing as individuals are finally free of COVID-19 constraints, Google is consolidating e-commerce facilities into one area and aggressively creating and growing shopping tools such as Products, Google Shopping, etc.

Google is becoming more than just a search engine; it’s also an e-commerce aggregator with products, descriptions, and reviews. The one thing it does not do is sell items directly; instead, it offers a where to purchase section with links to merchants’ websites.

If you manage an e-commerce site, you have no choice but to use Google Shopping services. Specific SERPs have Google Shopping snippets, which operate similarly to the highlighted snippets described above, capturing clicks from organic results. Hence, you may recoup the clicks you would have lost through organic search by using Google Shopping. Instead, your organic clicks may be sent to your competition.

8. SEO Competitor Research

Looking to rivals has always been an intelligent approach to developing an SEO strategy. With the assistance of SEO tools, competition analysis will become much easier and more successful in 2023.

Examine the content marketing in Malaysia on how your rivals develop experience, competence, authority, and trustworthiness via on-page and off-page signals, and apply those findings to your SEO initiatives and content strategy. Read more about keyword competitor analysis in our guide.

Since Google focuses more on industry knowledge and website “subject areas,” looking at thought leaders in your business will be a guaranteed approach to determine what sorts of material in your sector will rank.

SEO competitor software may help you compare rivals’ content, backlinks, Domain Authority, and more. 

Examine how your rivals develop experience, competence, authority, and trustworthiness via on-page and off-page signals, and apply those findings to your SEO initiatives and content strategy. 

content strategy

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, the SEO environment is ever-changing, and firms must stay ahead of the game in 2023. As we enter the new year, it is evident that many trends will dominate the SEO market. Among them are an emphasis on user experience, the rise of voice search, and the growing relevance of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Furthermore, with the ongoing expansion of mobile devices, businesses must ensure that their websites are optimised for mobile search. Companies may enhance their search engine results, attract more visitors, and raise their income in 2023 and beyond by staying current with these SEO trends. 

Still confused on how to plan your SEO content strategy well? GoFuturistic is here to help you! Reach out to us, and let us elevate your website traffic.