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Best Five Facebook Ads Strategies To Grow Your Business

Table of Contents

With Facebook booming over the years, it has become the world’s largest and most popular social networking platform, with over 2 billion users. That’s A LOT of people, in case you didn’t realise already. 

And did you know that, on average, one-sixteenth of our waking hours are spent scrolling on Facebook? And in Malaysia alone, over 20 million users are utilising Facebook to connect and keep up with their friends and family and promote their homegrown businesses.

Yes, that’s right. You can promote your business on this social media platform, increasing engagement and leads and bringing home a greater return on investment (ROI).

With the overwhelming traffic on Facebook daily, it is the best time for local businesses in Malaysia to leverage this golden opportunity to promote their brands further and build stronger relationships with old and potential customers and clients.

So, where do you begin?

Fret not. This article will discuss the best five strategies to advertise on Facebook and ways to fully optimise your advertising budget with Facebook ads.

With unique social media marketing strategies and proper management, Facebook ads can help businesses achieve their business objectives, including increasing conversions, raising brand awareness, boosting engagement threefold, and generating more sales leads.

Since its launch in 2007, Facebook ads have only been growing continuously valuable, becoming one of the major platforms to reach your specific consumers. If you have yet to own some winning Facebook ads gameplay by now, it’s time to suit up and continue reading this article because you’ve come to the right place!

For starters, Facebook ads can run on various platforms: Instagram and Facebook Messenger. However, it comes with a meagre cost as it can accurately target the right audience that best suits your advertising goals.

Hence, Facebook ads today are now commonly known to be a pay-to-play social media marketing platform.

What does that mean? Simply put, whatever you post concerning your products or services practically may end up nowhere without Facebook ads. 

For almost a decade now, Facebook has been operating solely based on ‘organic’ reach, partially prioritising what users see in their news feeds while increasing Facebook ad revenue. With thousands and thousands of companies jumping on this bandwagon, something needed to give for this limited and competitive amount of space.

Facebook place user experience as an important factor, continuously trying to perfect it whilst protecting it. Without user experience protection, users may leave and thus, no one to advertise to! 

Today, many business owners are aware they ought to be on Facebook, but the dilemma happens when they don’t know where to begin advertising on Facebook

And like most of our daily intentions, we always have to set the right objectives beforehand. Likewise, for Facebook ads strategies, we begin by discussing the reasonable goals and ideal content designed to fulfil those objectives with clients.

With the ever-evolving algorithm and increasing competition, it’s not enough today to post mere content on your page but ensure your content is seen AND engaging.

One of the crucial parts of your digital marketing strategy is to employ various staff to undertake and manage all the constantly moving parts collectively:

  • Sit down, discuss and brainstorm all the website and social media content
  • Ensure to administer and design the Facebook ads seamlessly
  • Oversee and manage accordingly your online reputation
  • Appoint a ‘community manager’ to monitor and organise open dialogues between your customers and the business.
  • Collect and analyse the data from Google Analytics and social media listening, including brand monitoring. 

Suppose you’re still reading this article, congratulations! You’re ahead of the game. And don’t worry, as the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia, we understand the complicated process of digital marketing. 

Being in the business for a while now, we have met several business leaders and had fruitful discussions on social media. One of the main concerns often highlighted is what is the ROI. 

“Traditional marketing is gradually fading, and many aren’t sure where to go from here. Those thinking of going digital are currently tangled in the web. If we go digital, what’s the ROI? Can my business grow, and how will it do so?”

These concerns are entirely valid for us, and in no way do we deny the doubt that may arise when venturing into the unknown that is digital marketing. So we laid these concerns to rest and provided advice because we firmly believe digital marketing consistently yields the highest returns on investment. 

Unfortunately, misconceptions about digital marketing still exist today. We have sought to continuously educate all how it is all within your reach if you understand how it works.

If you are a brand owner and you’re reading this article, contact us if you still find yourself at a crossroads; we are more than happy to guide your queries.

Facebook ads will be a game-changer for your business, but you have to get your armour ready to battle to win.

That being said, we hope you are now at least 70% reconsidering your overall business operations to apply social media management services and other digital marketing aspects, including Google ads, search engine optimisation (SEO), professional website design and more!

You can find out more about our digital marketing services today. We want to focus our efforts on Facebook ads strategies.

5 Best Facebook Ads Strategies To Grow Your Business

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of setting suitable objectives before undertaking any marketing. We are pleased to share the five most common and practical goals in Facebook marketing and the strategies needed to advertise on Facebook. 

Here are the five Facebook ad options to help you achieve those goals:

Objective #1: Grow Your Page Likes

Ad’s Manager Option: “Promote Your Page”

The essence of Facebook marketing is growing your community that genuinely resembles your real-life community. And to do so most effectively is to swiftly target your market area and use ads to promote your page further.

Creating a Facebook page filled with rich and engaging content fosters customer loyalty and increases the chances of converting potential customers.

Below are some general rules when designing and creating your unique Facebook ads:

  • Include call-to-action
  • Decide the main message in the ad and make it compelling
  • Design or choose an image that grabs attention. For example, photos of your customers using your product or services
  • Determine precisely your target audience 
  • Start with a smaller budget per day. That way, you can learn from your mistakes without going broke.

Design recommendations for “Promote Your Page”:

  • Image size: 1200 x 444 pixels
  • Headline character limit: 25
  • Text character limit: 90
  • Avoid cluttering your image with text. Keep it minimal.

Objective #2: Increase Engagement (Likes, Comments & Shares)

Ads Manager Option: “Boost Your Posts”

What drives the success of your Facebook marketing is your engagement. And the best way to achieve greater attention through your content is to promote your Facebook posts so that it appears on everyone’s feeds.

Design recommendations for “Boost Your Posts”:

  • Image size: 1200 x 900 pixels
  • Right column size: 254 x 133 pixels (Tip: Your Facebook ad can be placed in the newsfeed, right column and mobile)
  • Text character limit: 90 
  • Avoid cluttering your image with text. Keep it minimal.

Be sure to target “Fans and Friends” to start and test your campaign. Based on our experience, it’s more effective to build engagement with those who are a fan, especially if their friends also see it. The “social proof” rings and creates a sizeable Facebook community in no time. Our unique Facebook ads in Malaysia have resulted in commendable page likes in just a few campaigns!

Pro Tip: Focus on promoting ONLY your brand! Don’t waste your hard-earned money sending potential customers away from your brand.

Objective #3: Increase Brand Awareness

The main goal behind brand awareness ads is primarily similar: to make a significant community familiar with your product or service. Achieving that goal is more nuanced.

In the past, building brand awareness through campaigns could cost more than just an arm and a leg as it involved producing TV advertisements (that could easily cost RM250,000) and spending another RM500,000 or more on buying TV ad placements.

Let’s not forget traditional outdoor advertising such as train station banners and giant billboards across highways that can cost a lot, especially in cities like Kuala Lumpur with high population density.

Thankfully, times are changing, and consumers spend more time-consuming ads and other forms of content on their mobile devices rather than on television.

Not long ago, The Edge Markets reported that the average Malaysian person spends nine hours and 18 minutes daily browsing the Internet, 141 days a year. Malaysians also spend three hours and one minute daily on social media, equating to 46 days a year.

What better time for brand owners to leverage this dynamic shift as this means that there exists a vast audience that you can reach with online brand awareness ads?

Recommendations for “Increase brand awareness”:

  • Clearly define your brand message.
  • Address the specific needs of your consumer.
  • Focus on authenticity and memorableness.
  • Identify and understand your target audience.
  • Be consistent and relevant in the image.

Objective #4: Drive Traffic To Your Website

Ads Manager Option: Send People to Your Website

When digital marketing is discussed, you may have heard about SEO and its means for traffic generation. We discussed the difference between organic SEO and local SEO, as well as what works best for your company.

However, SEO is not the only way to drive your website traffic because you shouldn’t solely depend on search traffic. 

The evolution of social media has grown tremendously over the years. From an engagement medium to a significant source of website traffic when carried out correctly. And of course, the more traffic, the more opportunities!

With a unique and comprehensive Facebook ads strategy, you are most likely to grow your email list and send potential customers to the specific product pages of your site. The right approach can increase blog readership and awareness, RSVP for special events, and participate in exciting content and giveaways.

Design recommendations for “Send People To Your Website”:

  • Image size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Headline character limit: 25
  • Text character limit: 90
  • Link character description: 30
  • Avoid cluttering your image with text. Keep it minimal.

Pro Tip: Don’t be too hard on yourself; allow mistakes to happen to make room for improvements. Give yourself time to learn from the first two strategies we have previously outlined above.

Objective #5: Convert Clicks Into Leads

Ads Manager Option: Increase Conversions to Your Website

This is known to be the most advanced option of Facebook ads strategies as it has plenty of evolving parts. But fret not; the more campaigns you carry out, the more seamless the process will be.

Advertising on Facebook can, in return, generate high-quality leads, especially ones that promote conversions. However, this must be carried out correctly.

Design Recommendations for “Increase Conversions To Your Website”:

  • Image size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  • Headline character limit: 25
  • Text character limit: 90
  • Link character description: 30
  • Avoid cluttering your image with text. Keep it minimal.

But that’s not all. For this particular Facebook ads strategy, you need:

  • A website landing page with exciting offers, a lead form and a call-to-action.
  • Install the Meta Pixel on your site to track your ads’ performance.
  • Be very meticulous and specific (most likely to convert) when targeting your audience for each Facebook ads
  • Steadfast when analysing how your Facebook ads are performing
  • Be swift and versatile with making alterations to improve your results

Pro Tip: Assign a specific staff or a digital marketing company to monitor the leads for follow-up.


When done right, Facebook ads are an intelligent, lucrative way for brand owners to achieve their marketing and sales goals. You may often hear complaints about your ads appearing in their newsfeed, but at the end of the day, these people only see your ads for products or services specific to their hobbies or interests.

And you, as a brand owner, should continue to connect with them so that if and when they decide to take action, at least it’s with you rather than your competitors.

It could also be our job to make the whole process of Facebook marketing a smooth journey for you. Get in touch today if you’re keen to take on our service. We would be more than happy to assist you further!